March 03, 2004

Tooltip Advertisments Maybe I'm behind the curve, but here's something I've never seen before: advertisements embedded in a mouseover/ tooltip & indicated as such by a double underline. One more cipher in the rich internet wasteland.
  • I am totally not seeing what you're talking about. This might be, however, because I died a little trying to make sense of the horrible layout and jumbled mess of crapulent columns and sidebars, adboxes and hoo-hah. Better put the Discuss / News / Send / Print / PDF toobar in the article twice, but bigger at the end, just in case! So seriously, what are you seeing? What should I be looking for here?
  • It's called IntelliTXT. Several sites have it now. If these widgies annoy you, you can hack around them, or else use a browser other than IE on Windows.
  • I doubt UEFA will be too pleased that an advert offering the chance to win free tichets for Euro2004 is going on about steroids. ("Shared hosting... On Steroids! Win tickets to Euro2004 if you buy now") boo_radley, everytime I put my mouse over a link, the text displayed is an advert for something or other. The links themselves open up a pop up ad.
  • Firefox to the rescue, then. I don't see any of these thingies you describe, and the IntelliTXT website is basically borken because it appears to rely on its patent pending technology of databases, scripting languages and broken HTML to advertise itself. I'd foam at the mouth to have pages redirected and reconstructed in this fashion constantly. Another terrible abuse of America's patent system
  • Firefox actually has a "See What Everyone Else Is Bitching About" extension you can install. I think they call it "View page with IE" Seriously, while there are a few things that don't work quite right in Firefox, the vast majority of them are things you wouldn't want to work anyway. My's full of ads!
  • Opera doesn't recognise them either. Looked in IE - they are annoying, but then again, who reads with their mouse going over the words? it basically only has the effectiveness of having regular random links in your page that go out to advertising pages.