October 02, 2006

Can't Touch This. Ladies and gentlemen I present...Little Superstar

He dances, he fights, he enjoys a good smoke.

  • LokiSpeak I love you. That. Was. Awesome.
  • *Files this between Demon Duck of Doom and mice/frog copulation. Locks file, swallows key.*
  • Eeeeeeeviiiiiil!
  • The text between « Older and Newer » sums up this link pretty well.
  • You much the funny, cog.
  • The guy on the couch in your vid is this guy: Chiru THILLER (South Indian Michael Jackson-esque, heh heh) Was just going to post this to MoFi and when I browsed the recent posts realized it was the same dude as your link.
  • Ah, that's why you hadn't posted it. I was about to give you a post-dinner berating. :P
  • Is it just me, or does he look like a little tiny James Brown?
  • I don't think that's a child. The face is too grown up. Is it a little person?
  • Yeah, I can't believe he's a child, either. Kids can't even clap their hands together without missing when they are that age.