September 30, 2006

Youtube in MeWorld I have noticed a lot of links and varied reactions to utube.

Users are watching more than 70 million videos on the site daily, and the largest percentage of those visitors is between the ages of 12 and 17. Left me wondering about the mean age of web simians. Granma, I'm counting on you if I need help here.

  • Yay - hi dxlifer! For the record, 47. I expect you might get gently nudged toward curious georgedom, for this post. I wish one could see the averages by country for this - just 'cause I see the inhabitants of one particular nation as being heavily weighted toward 'lookit-me-ness' above all others. Naming no names, of course.
  • Did you see the one where I wrapped myself in the American flag and screamed, "PAY ATTENTION TO ME, YOU BASTARDS!" Good times, man.
  • Oh, alright then: Namibia.
  • Dx, I'll probably skew the average--I'm afraid I turned mean at 35 and just got worse. *growls at Fish Tick
  • I was born mean.
  • Wolof, your link story is gone. How shall I ever come to understand this phenomenon. And now everyone is turning mean. /departs, sobbing softly.
  • I'm 25. YouTube is a multi-tiered site. Sure, all those 12-17 year olds can make their vlogs (barf) and chat about "how Cheryl totally dumped me cuz she wanted to hang out with Brian who plays football and shit while all I do is sit in my room and listen to Death Cab" while everyone in the mid to late 20's watches all the illegally uploaded 80's music videos and lame "video remixes" from Boing Boing, and olde folks will watch uploaded History channel excerpts and documentaries. YouTube isn't a site in itself as much as a transport mechanism for video... a transport mechanism hemmoraging money.
  • I so enjoy being boxed in as "olde folks... watching uploaded History channel excerpts and documentaries" Yep, that's me, alright. Makes my day.
  • You and me both, Ralph. The BBC has a great series called "Horizons" that I've been watching all over the video tubes. *falls and can't get up*
  • BTW, Ralphie, you ain't been around much, and I miss you.
  • Actually I thought the article was a social commentary of some note. The age quote was for a teaser, a loss leader type thing. Besides we've already been there - done that.
  • *Adjusts ear trumpet* I like to watch that nice young fellow who takes his trousers off. Now hand your Auntie her Carter's liver pills, there's a dearie.