September 27, 2006

Dinosaur porn. NSFW, unless your boss is cool with a shower of dino spoo.

There's more on I'm too lazy to post more. people are bloody wierd, man

  • If weird porn is the scoop of this post... 500 people have sex at the same time. and, well, actually everything Team Fuckstar.
  • excellent quote from the about page on Team Fuckstar
    Team Fuckstars Objectives are: Sex the girl after there knackered we go in the bathroom and nick bathplugs as theyll never know but its so annoying for them when they want a bath hehe TV Remote also nick a TV remote coz theyll never understand were its gone.
  • coz theyll never understand were its gone. I knew grammar and morality were correlated. Joking, joking!
  • I think those were some of the most unerotic things I have ever seen. I didn't even look at Team F-whatever. That's just so messed. And possibly criminal?
  • Attention people! The hyperlink to "500 people having sex" and the link to "Team Fuckstar" are not safe for work! In other news, shit stinks. We'll be back after these messages.
  • Pterodactyls?! nsfw
  • When dinosaurs have sex. I'll bet there are a few Monkeys here that can relate. Love, Yer GramMa
  • Which dinosaur do you think is the hottest?
  • The only way this could be better is if someone posted a dozen EweToob links of people popping their zits. *gags*
  • I haven't seen the dinoporn, but I've been thinking about it. I think... I think I'm probably most attracted to allosauri, but can most visualize myself having sex with something more... herbivorous. Perhaps a duckbill. Yeah. I could fuck a duckbill.
  • That, sir, is geometrically unpossible.
  • People are pretty fucking inventive aren't they, especially when it comes to fucking.
  • Did we suddenly turn into MeFi while I was gone?
  • No, Nutty, but you've coined a great tagline: MonkeyFilter: Did we suddenly turn into MeFi while I was gone?
  • The way that baby pterodactyl comes creeping in later... pterodactyl sex between consenting adults is one thing, but pterodactyl pedophilia? That's simply crossing the line of good taste. There. I said it.
  • Prudeosaur.
  • *flails tiny T-Rex arms wildly at Nickdanger, accomplishes nothing*