September 25, 2006

Simpson-tastic All the episodes (well OK up to Season 18 first 2 eps) of our favourite family. Stand by for legalaction! Warning Flash. Clicking in the "X" in the link gives you full screen. Enjoy it while its there!! Also All Futuramas HERE! via
  • Bah! Futurama 'not available in my area, you are being re-directed'. Chiz.
  • Try to push the little play button rather than clicking on the big play button in the middle of the screen, kitfisto.Same thing happened to me.
  • Or, it seems it just works if you try it a second time...
  • Every futurama, nice. I just soild my draws with baby batter.
  • yes, when I saw this on the blue the other day I went right there and fired up my favorite episode "Barts Friend Gets A Girlfriend" (season 3) an alltime classic including such gems as the "rich creamery butter" commercials, Homer's 'weight-lose' tape induced "triumvirate of twinkles" not to mention the brilliant opening scene take off of Raiders of the Lost Ark....
  • Good News, Everyone!! and Everything's coming up Milhouse! Thanks for the links, Zaphod, these'll definitely be getting much usage.
  • So uh, does anyone know how to download these flash videos? My favorite bookmark "all-in-one video bookmarklet" can't find them. If I can download them, I can convert them to divx and play them on my archos 420 while I workout (swinging from tree to tree.) The archos is a great little device. Hard to use with stubby little thumbs, and I worry about dropping it to the jungle floor, but a great little device.
  • Hot holy hell, did anybody see the sponsor link to the Brew Your Own Absinthe page?
  • I hear absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Looks like it's dead. Alas!
  • Even More Good News, Everyone! Its back up! This time with American Dad, Futurama, Family Guy etc.
  • Doesn't absinthe make the smart go wander, TUM?