September 24, 2006

Remember playing with paper dolls? Flash-based celebrity dress-up dolls. I'm somewhat partial to David Tennant, myself.
  • They have Fred, Faith, Dawn and Buffy, but no Willow? That just makes no sense.
  • Haha, very cool all round. But neither version of Johnny Depp had Raoul Duke gear! Villainy.
  • *looks around Has the new Sears catalogue come in then?
  • OK, this is WAY more fun than a grownup should be having! But where, oh where is the Fes paper doll?!?
  • Awesome! I've been trying to figure out how to borrow a kid so I can go in the store and buy paper doll books. (And Barbie dolls, and Legos, and, well the list goes on...) As a kid, there was nothing better on earth than a new paper doll book. Thanks for the fun.
  • By the way, maybe nobody's commenting on this, but I know you monkeys are all secretly playing with this, because you broke the damned site!
  • But where, oh where is the Fes paper doll?!? It comes pre-dressed, my dear, and it is FABULOUS.
  • What, no 2D Fes in his undies? I want my money back!