September 21, 2006

Have you ever met Jodi? I don't know what you could get from her. But I'm sure it's something. Don't be fooled by the copyright date. And be sure to click on the blinking square.
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  • Well, Wolfenstein 3d in black and white is what I get in mac os x classic. Strange...
  • From Wikipedia: To those that aren't in on their conceptual jokes, Jodi's works seem inaccessible and impenetrable, appearing to make the user's computer run amok. For example, their 1995 work appears at first glance to consist of meaningless text, until a glance at the HTML source code reveals a detailed diagram of a hydrogen bomb. Their work challenged expectations of the behavior of the computer, created humor from the misery of the glitch and the virus, reanimated obsolete technologies, and satirized the ocean of opinion and convention that governs the practice of interface design."
  • two in one day? this takes me back to the collingwood era.
  • Thats assembly code
  • Yo no comprende tampoco.
  • When I look at the source to minda's page, I see Homer and I see a whole bunch of FARK squirrels doing some cheerleading thing.
  • The answer's in //
  • Ah, nostalgia. Back when the likes of, superbad, and entropy8 were at the forefront of the internet 'art' world.
  • 'art' That seems a little arch.
  • Sorry, that came across a lot more snarky than intended, which was right about near (but not quite) zero.
  • SOD = Spear of Destiny (for those who are that old to remember it)
  • Return of the Jodi?
  • Does anyone else remember
  • Slept with my girlfriend Suzy Rottencrotch.
  • petebest, that f.a.f.f. is a great find! And six.oh.six, glad you provided the link.