March 03, 2004

Dating advice for the male porn star. Carly takes time out from her job in porn PR to update the ever-entertaining Pornblography with some suggestions for male porn stars - on how to get dates. Probably NSFW.

Of course, some of this advice seems pretty universal.

  • pornblography is high up on my lists of obsessive reloaded sites. Bright writing and about as unique a perspective as you could ask for.
  • They sound like over-confident geeks. Of course, I guess that's what male porn stars are - Porn Geeks. I wonder what female porn stars are?
  • I love youse all. (Except for a certain well-documented exception.) Ah, er, could we possibly give the porno-style stuff a miss for a couple of days or so?
  • Whose the well documented exception, Wolof? Or shouldn't I ask?
  • My grammar and spelling is excellent.
  • Same as rodgerd; this advice is pretty universal though I admit the porn slant makes it all the more titillating. Thanks for the link!
  • Let me guess: No fisting on the first date?
  • I second Wolof's suggestion. This place has become quite porny lately.
  • Third it.
  • Time travellings back again, I see. I fourth it. Even if I probably have been partly to blame.
  • I'll fifth it. *leers* Provided it's that new Welsh tipple, I'm perishing with curiosity about it.
  • Satisfied, Wolof?
  • Fine with me!