March 03, 2004

Strange Visions Plus a New World Order: French comics, anyone? Or Latin American, then? Or consider the real rules of Inglish spelling? Mark Rosenfelder's Metaverse offers many different tidbits, opinions, and -- for me, the crown jewel in a diadem of rare and fascinating pages-- the wealth of information on Vertual Verduria, indepensible for anyone contemplating a venture into world-building.

How would you create a new language? This guy has given the matter some thought, is deeply interested in language structure, and has included tips and tools for the bold. A large site, and by no means all new, but great fun for word freaks, RPG and SF enthusiasts. He also offers some provocative editorials and reviews.

  • Fantasy language creation is a big hobby among a shitload of people. I am too out of it right now to find the links, but I'm sure.. that.. uhh..
  • Wolof, wot a superb link for French comics! [banana]
  • Here's one chap who made languages his hobby. And he practically created a genre just to put them somewhere. Tolkien rules! At least for the Oscars this year....
  • link for French comics Yeah, fucking 'mazing, isn't it? Loads of work gone on in there.
  • {banana} back atcha, bees. The Rosenfelder link alone should keep me busy till the weekend.
  • Alnedra, yes, JRRT rules! RPG developed from the impression made on those of my generation (and later ones) by the Frodo/Smaug encounter etc! Sometimes a particular work stands head and shoulders above others of its kind -- the discovery of such is the reward of every inveterate reader. [Was only a small child in Oxford when JRRT was still active there, but never met him -- nor heard his name mentioned until, years later, in a school in California, the kid seated behind my desk told me about The Hobbit. Changed my life, seriously.]
  • beeswacky: Wow. To have been in Oxford, breathing the same air as Tollers did.... *runs off to weep in envy*
  • Dear Alnedra, I see that some day I shall to have to regale you with a more extensive list of famous people I have never met. But only after you share your list with me, of course.
  • Always dug Bilal.
  • Always dug Bilal. You have gould tatel. Ish.
  • Rosenfelder's site has long been one of my favorites. I don't much care about Frenchy comix, but the numbers! They are many!
  • Them is definitely some fancy numbers. *offers massive kudos to Mr Rosenfelder*