September 13, 2006

The late Syd Barrett's colourfully-decorated home is up for sale. According to the estate agent, the home "provides an excellent opportunity for sympathetic improvement and updating".
  • great garden.
  • He was in Cherry Hinton - that's on the far side of town. Nice suburb, but not that much else there. I like Newnham and Grantchester better, but I'll never be able to afford to buy here, unless that career as a blackmailer takes off. We don't have such a great garden, but we do have meadows and the river right across the road. Yeah, I'm totally place name dropping. It isn't that often you're reading a newspaper article, and realise that it's about a 1/2 hour bike ride away.
  • JB: Only a half hour away, but all uphill...
  • This is Cambridgeshire. There are no hills. Sorry, there are a few - but around here, they think that 70m above sea level is a significant peak.
  • this has nothing to do with the thread. i just wanted to say: i <3 tracicle
  • JB: I was speaking metaphori.... Ah, never mind. Here's a twofer-- Simplot's auctioning off the contents of his house and ranch--(anyone for a custom gold Cadillac golfcart?) Sorry, no handmade bookshelves.