March 03, 2004

abbie the cat has a posse is the perfect antidote to Super Tuesday overload.

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  • Today is Supper Bowl sunday. Ha. Ach, though, 'tis the more senior cat link, (to the more Mae West-like feline), I am charmed by: i have had my ups and downs but wotthehell wotthehell yesterday sceptres and crowns fried oysters and velvet gowns but wotthehell wotthehell... there's a dance in the old dame yet... I relish any link to that grande dame of catslink, mehitabel, any time -- thanks, forky.
  • Tracy the Monkey has a posse.
  • "there is a wanted poster on the wall up for me it says WANTED FOR FSTEALING FRENCH FRIES RIGHT OFF THE PLATE HE IS ABBIE THE KID CONSIDERD CUNNING AND DANGEROUS HIDE YOUR FRENHCH FRIES GOOD CITIZENS REWWARD FIVE DOLLARS th eother cat is jealous that i Have a wanted poster up I tried to tell her pirats never got wanted posters, they just got hanged she sniffed at me and then rolled over not my fault she didnt want to be los banditos" It's the "los banditos" that just makes the piece. beautiful post.
  • Tracy the Monkey has a posse. Honi soit qui mal y posse.
  • On y est un con qui pense.
  • I love Abbie the Cat. Thank you for posting this. Pictures of Abbie and Martha the Mighty Pirate here. The rest of is worth exploring too.
  • Honi soit la vache qui rit.
  • Can I just mention limecat?
  • For me, limecat can always be mentioned. poor thing
  • this is a public service announcement I amnot longer a cat I am a triangle thank you I've loved Abbie for ages.. but I particularly love Martha the Pirate. Her pirate facts are a delight (and, frankly, I have a pirate cat of my own at home....)
  • Cat The fat cat on the mat may seem to dream of nice mice that suffice for him, or cream but he, free, maybe, walks in thought unbowed, proud, where loud roared and fought his kin, lean and slim, or deep in den in the East feasted on beasts and tender men. The giant lion with iron claw in paw, and huge ruthless tooth in gory jaw; the pard dark-starred fleet upon feet, that oft soft from aloft leaps upon his meat where woods loom in gloom -- far now, he be, fierce and free, and tamed is he; but fat cat on the mat kept as a pet, he does not forget. -- J.R.R. Tolkien
  • "We have a theory that cats are planning to take over the world, just try to look them straight in the eye....yup, they're hiding something!" -- Dog Fancy