August 31, 2006

Overheard at the beach.
  • Woman #1: Oh my goodness, you should see your daughter! It looks like she's been stabbed; it's the cutest thing. Woman #2: Oh, really? Woman #1: Yes! She's been eating cherries, and the juice has run all down her front and all over her hands. It looks like she has blood all over her--it's adorable!
    Uhhh... Some of these are hilarious, and some seem too bizarre to be real. I'm not sure about this one.
  • Hi Mel! Haven't seen you on here for a while.
  • See also, for generally-overheard remarks. Personally overheard on Tuesday: "That's when he was drinking Anbesol, right?" *shudder*
  • "If it weren’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college..."
  • Here's one I overheard last week: Daughter: Why is it so hard to find a boyfriend? Father: What about Peter? Why don't you date him? Daughter: Uh...because he's 40, and I'm 21.
  • My favorite personal anecdote along these lines: It's 1990, and I'm dining with a friend at a sidewalk table (it's a warm summer night) in NYC's Little Italy. At the table next to us, there's a 30something gal wearing a dyed-blond bouffant hairdo and lots of makeup and practically dripping with oversized gold jewelry listening to a middle-aged Italian-American guy with silver pouffed-back hair and a sweatsuit top open to reveal a big gold medallion prevented from touching his skin by a healthy forest of chest-hair. My dining partner and I are fully engaged in our own conversation (about Lyotard and Derrida and other grad-school crap) when we both hear the following snippet, in a thick, gruff Brooklyn accent: "...thousands and thousands of rubbah gloves..." To this day, my friend and I wonder what that line was in reference to.
  • Overheard conversation between two doctorly looking people in a Los Angeles hospital cafeteria shortly after the whole Mel Gibson rant about the jews: DrA-So you know his wife? DrB-Yeah, she's a nice woman. DrA-Is she also anti-semitic? I'm not saying it was about the Gibsons or anything, but that's just my hunch.
  • "Sir, just a shirt is not acceptable attire, even if this was a beach and not the produce section of a Sobey's. Roll up your towel and get the hell out." -Overheard bySaid to me, last week.
  • I love the Overheard in New York and Overheard at the Office sister sites. A buddy and I at work trade dumb things people say back and forth all the time. God Bless the Internets!
  • Working at a college with a huge gorge and suspension bridge at the edge of campus, around Commencement time I overhear a lot of kids saying to their loved ones, "...and right over there's where I was going to jump if I didn't graduate..."
  • Overheard by me in my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario, (basically a mining town) "Wow, that 'Three Musketeers' must be a popular book - it has been translated into French."
  • arg!