August 31, 2006

15 Aliens found working for U.S. military contractor in Roswell, NM

from here

  • ok, kinda lame I know... first time post (back to lurking)
  • Very good!
  • Hey, that's business for you. Roswell, hmmmm. And they're suggesting these aliens are from Mexico Just let me straighten my tie and get that little flashy thingie.
  • Hah! Nice to see that news direct from the mother source itself. Good one rjd!
  • Of course the Aliens are from Latin America. You know what the immigration rules are to get into the US? My grandparents travelled hundreds of lightyears across interstellar space, and were told they should have applied for a US visa on their home planet. But Mexico welcomed them with opened tentacles arms.
  • Wow, since February 2004! That's some nice lurkin' there rjd! Of course, you're "out" now . . now you'll never match the lurking record set by . . by . . well, whomever.
  • Well, geez, of course you're going to get in trouble hiring illegal aliens in New Mexico. Do it in Texas. Here you just drive your pickup truck downtown to "the labor pool" and "pick up some Mexicans" to do your painting, framing, and whatnot. The Secure Borders Initiative won't be in Texas until 2020 because otherwise the local economy would collapse.
  • Knock, knock! Who's there? It's an alien LOL
  • knock knock. "Mrs. mummaschlumma???" "Who is it?" "Flowers, ma'am." "Why, I didn't order any flowers." "Candygram..." "That's odd.." "Alien." "Who?" "...uhm...Alien ma'am."
  • *shrieks*
  • "All will be placed into removal proceedings, and quickly returned to their country of origin." .... or planet?
  • ...The aliens will be processed .... Ha. I knew it. Now we know what that stuff in those "fruit bottom" yogurt cups is.
  • That made me spit wine on the keyboard! great! Anyone taking bets as to how long before someone realizes how silly that headline is before they take it down?
  • I've always wondered what a legal alien would be. Y'know, like "I'm an alien but I'm allowed to be". Okay not always, because I have other things to wonder about - like why my hair is moving around my body. But that's my wonder, not yours.
  • Well, um. Like a permanent resident, or a tempoary resident on a school or work visa.
  • Aliens. Born in another place than the USA. Like Einstein. Like Enrico Fermi. Like Leo Szilard. Without whose assistance the USA would not have been able to make the bombs that flattened Hiroshima dn Nagasaki.
  • Oh yeah? Know who else wasn't born in the USA? Hitler, that's who!
  • It's become a grown-ups game of hide and seek. All they had to do was call out "Olly Olly Aliens In Free"
  • Yeah but I'm still not comin' out. Nope.
  • MonkeyFilter: All will be placed into removal proceedings, and quickly returned to their country planet of origin.