August 31, 2006

Mt E'Mei's monkeys are too damned fat. 'E'Mei Mountain monkeys have been busy keeping healthy recently and now many of them have regained nice slim figures with the help of experts.' And they aint the only ones having trouble with their diet. /pats tum

Here are some more pics of these fat bastards. There's also a giant Buddha on top of the mountain, which alas I cannot find a picture of. He's probably a lard-ass as well.

  • That first monkey looks a bit cold...
  • I think he's the new pretender to the duchy of Squee, personally.
  • I want to have that big monkey in the second photo. I will love him forever and ever. But the first widdle monkey does look very cold...
  • To hell with him, he has fur.
  • Yeah! Fuck those furry fat bastards!
  • They're just the cutest little guys, aren't they? But if this plan works, will Ben & Jerry have to change "Chunky Monkey" to "Slim-ian Simian?"
  • Monkeyfilter: Fuck those furry fat bastards!
  • TUM: I laughed! Bring on the Cherries Jubilee and two spoons--one for my right and one for that prehensile tail.
  • Chic Chimp Shape
  • from Emeishan I wander free pondering monkeys who must have squee I close my eyes dream on and on of golden monkeys in Sichuan
  • Not sure if you meant to type "pondering" or "pandering", Bees. And h'come all those Golden Monkeys look grumpy?
  • Pondering. Thus far, I have not been a panda panderer, m'dear, he said with a wicked glint in his moustache. Grumpy lurks in the eye of the beholder; I think most of them look more apprehensive than irked.
  • Yes, Bees, the mama and baby look a bit worried.
  • Caption: "Mummy, have we been abducted by aliens?"
  • They're grumpy because no one will breastfeed them.
  • Those snub noses.. sure aren't a good look.
  • Monkeys feeling cold Monkey being naughty (ignore the people pictures, good stuff below and next page)
  • The picture on the bottom of the second page shows the Four Heavenly Guardians, also known as the Diamond Kings. In Chinese tradition these four brothers guard the slopes of Mount Meru/Paradise. they are also traditional protective deities of shrines.
  • How's a monkey to stay warm if he's not fat and hairy?