August 31, 2006

Curious George How does one get banned from when all they have ever done was join #mofirc to chat with monkeys?

*** Your GECOS (real name) is not allowed on this server (Invalid real name) Please change it and reconnect [ERROR] Closing Link: monkeybrat[] (Your GECOS (real name) is banned from this server) This is the message I get when I attempt to connect to I am bummed out over this. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can fix this problem. I am not sure what to do now.

  • This is going to depend very much on which IRC client you use. For Chatzilla, go to Preferences (under 'Chatzilla' in my version) and change your 'Description' to something else. If you're not using Chatzilla.. we need more information ;) But bottom line is -- go through your basic settings, and change your "Name" field or similar to something else (note: not your nickname).
  • Oh, and to answer why you're banned? You aren't. Someone else was naughty, and the Slashnet ops are occaisionally a little.. loose.. with their banninations. Unlike the great Monkeybashi. All hail! *prostrate*
  • Don't panic, this is a common problem; the_bone and Abiezer and I all got banned at one point or another. If you are using Chatzilla, go to "Chatzilla" in the top left corner, then "Preferences", click on "Global Settings" and look at the section labled "Identification". Change the "Description" field to anything you want, as long as it's not blank or the default. If you are using other IRC programs, look for the "Real Name" field in your settings somewhere.
  • Yeha it's not cause we don't like you!
  • I thought Alnedra had been banned because of that whole she was using IRC to run her counterfeit panda smuggling pyramid scheme?
  • Well, that sentence kinda switched horses in midstream, didn't it?
  • Thanks monkeys i am no mofircing again> :)
  • My entire ISP once got banned from EFnet, back when I used to hang out on IRC a lot (which I can't do anymore, because I get really addicted). I had to get a new account somewhere else to get unbanned. Glad you got things running! :)