August 30, 2006

Andrew Lloyd Webber to make "Master and Margarita" into musical.
Disney straight-to-DVD animated feature to follow.
  • pleased to meet you... i'm actually reading this book right now. i wouldn't feel right feigning outrage.
  • always *wanted* to read this book... I won't be seeing the musical.
  • *cries*
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber to make "Master and Margarita" into musical steaming piece of shit that will almost certainly anger anyone with taste.
  • It will therefore almost certainly falter and will depend on who my collaborators are. Transl.: I know this thing will bomb, and I haven't found any stupid enough yet to front the cash and/or take the blame.
  • anyONE.
  • Oh, listen to Whiney Whinovitch and his internet midnight witches. WAAAH WAAAH WAAAH A RICH MAN READ MY BED-TIME BOOK. Jesus fuck, you people are worse than Stalin. I get it - you're all so "cool" and "edgy" and people who wear smart slacks and pullovers just wouldn't "get" your favourite shibboleth. But if your "Franz Ferdinand" did a concept album based on A Dog's Heart you'd all piss your nappies yellow with glee. Personally, I salute Lord Lloyd Llewellyn and his desire to turn this third-rate doggerel into another of his thrilling, emotional and (undoubtedly) successful musicals. Just as he has brought to the stage the history of the superhero "the Phantom" ("Phantom of the Opera"); the biographies of Cat Stephens' family ("Cats") and the movie Tron ("Starlight Express"), we can only wait with breathless anticipation for Lloyd-Weblog to weave us a full 3-piece suit of hand-stitched musical magic in "The Master of Magaritas" - a working title that will hopefully swiftly reduce to the more memorable "Cocktail". I see great things for Brian Brown's career in this, and the rest of you sneery little elitists can pop back on your broomsticks and fly off home.
  • When he does "The Master of Medusaritas," then I'll cough up the buck to see it. Cuz I keep my money in my gut, you know.
  • Brian Brown is the greatest actor of our time, of course.
  • Not to mention his heartbreaking case study of St. Vitus Dance, "Evita."
  • "Well we did do the hat..." "...and the nose..."