August 30, 2006

Free-ish music If you live in the US and Canada, anyway.
  • Damn, beat me to it.
  • But... pirated music sounds better! It's true. Try it. Arrrrr.
  • yeah... but you have to re-listen to the ads (once every 10 days, I believe) in order to "keep" your music. Also, you can't burn to CD or use an iPod. SpiralFrog... meet Downward Spiral... Fuck you very much...
  • According to boingboing (too lazy to link) the files are DRM-protected WMA files and expire after 6 months. Woo.
  • Ah, but then they can be cracked. There are programs that will record anything played on your computer. I was trying to figure out how to record this really cool Proms concert I went to (but was dso tired at that I fell asleep), which was streamed on BBC. I worked it out, but then it went offline (only on for a week) before I could record it.
  • Which programs jb?
  • But if you are going to crack the DRM, you might as well just pirate the stuff in the first place...