August 29, 2006

Platypus Comix- Home of a trove of wonderful cartoons comic strips and art, including my favorites- non-anthologized original Bloom County Strips and The Bloom Picayune, and unpublished Watterston stuff. And a whole lot of other retrolicious stuff too, like Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain, and MTV's top 20 videos for 1984
  • This is an awful first comment to make, but just so as you know ... #
  • Wolof you drunken kneebiter! I think you meant to link to this? And, since we're biting knees, *cough* ;)
  • "Ooh, lookie me, I'm les petesbest, and I already posted this in another thread, and it's not fair that you get the FPP glory while I get to sit back and watch you steal MY WELL-DESERVED FPP GLORY. Boo hoo. Baby wants a bottle. Polly wants a cracker." *washes pete's stuffed tiger*
  • Queso, that was a very good job, but you owe Pete an apology for not being polite and sharing. I think you need to take a little timeout while Pete and I eat these cookies.
  • i am currently on vacation and will not be responding to emails or requests for contrition until after 6 September.