August 29, 2006

A tribute to Gail, the West Wing goldfish. Gail's bowl is the setting for private on-set jokes, apparently. Those jokes, funny or not, are listed here. For you. Enjoy.
  • I don't even watch the West Wing, yet found that QI. Imagine how a fan must feel!
  • That's... really kind of obsessively weird. The on-set jokes and the web page. Why am I experiencing this nagging, overshadowing sense of collective doom?
  • That's so cool. I love the changing objects. I need to watch more carefully now (I'm moving into season 3).
  • Very nice. Haven't seen this with my rabbit ears.
  • I had no idea this existed. How wonderful! It's almost enough to have me rewatch West Wing courtesy of Netflix...except my queue is already way too long. My favourite is the "no fishing" sign in the bowl--just on it's lonesome, but all the more because CJ goes fishing that episode.
  • Wow! I never noticed this. Now I have to go back and watch the DVDs again. Or, I could just look at this web page some more. Yeah, that might be easier.
  • I love Gail. Gail is a symbol of hope in the world.
  • Don't watch the show, but think this idea is amusing.