August 27, 2006

Belgian Farting Pig. Need I say more? (google video)
  • I'm diggin' that techno soundtrack. Sééééég!
  • It's Bush's dream pig!
  • You certainly needn't say more. And you really shouldn't have bothered to post this. No. Really. You shouldn't have.
  • Come now, GramMa, that video had a touch of everything "best of the web": 1. Foreign, so we can laugh at the kooky people who live in faraway places. 2. Farm animals that smile, apparently blissfully unaware of their imminent slaughter. 3. Farting. 4. A catchy tune. Not quite Leek Girl or Hamster Dance, but close. 5. A bathtub scene reminding us of the very best clip from Little Big Man, in which Faye Dunaway did to Dustin Hoffman what every man in the theatre wished she were doing to him. ...and much, much more. Not enough? Here's the perfect accessory!.
  • klausness does not lie.
  • You for got: 6. Singing, dancing chickens.
  • "for got"? I guess I forgot to preview...
  • Related link: Vic n Bob (another youtube)
  • Ralph, You have so made me feel as if I've missed something. *leaves room