August 21, 2006

Curious George: moving to the Philippines What should I be aware of?

My boss is looking for two people to send to the Philippines for at least three months (with the option for a longer time) starting sometime in September. What kind of things should I be considering before I tell him if I'm interested or not? I would be paid my current salary, be put up in a hotel in Manila, and receive a per diem for food and expenses. Also, what's the Manila like? I scanned the CIA factbook, Wikipedia, and have read Cryptonomicon a few times, but I don't really know much about that part of the world. I promise I'd try to attend any MoFi meetups over there if I go in lieu of the September Toronto one.

  • what an exciting opportunity dayfat! I don't know any more than you do about the Philippines, except to add that it seems all filipino women are drop-dead gorgeous...keep us posted re yr decision!
  • Sounds like an opportunity not only to go to somewhere exotic, but also a financial good move. I wouldn't worry about finding out about it before getting there. That's half the fun.
  • Do it. When are you going to get a chance like this again? And if you take this, maybe it'll lead to some other posting... Offhand, the only thing I'd worry about is safety, but you have the advantage of being in a (presumably) big international hotel -- which would have contingency plans out the wazoo. Maybe Manila would be safe because it's big and far away from terrist activity, but maybe the presence of internationals makes it a bigger target. Dunno. I'd do it. Change of scenery. Odds are the worst that'll happen is that you'll be bored and get a lot of reading done.
  • it seems all filipino women are drop-dead gorgeous... Went to the prom with Miss Filipino Club 1990, and totally made everyone else jealous. Which is important in High School. She was also the head cheerleader. She's a baby-factory now. Did I peak at 17? God, that's depressing... But yeah. Filipino girls are teh hawt. Just watch out for those shoulder-thingies.
  • Also, beware the Aswang.
  • I used to have a Beware of Dog sign posted on my gate, but I think I'm going to replace it with a sign that says Beware the Aswang.
  • Does that mean I can start calling you RalphTheAswang?
  • It don't mean a thang if it ain't got that Aswang. Also, people in the Philippines have interesting names.
  • Ride a Jeepney.
  • Go. Chance of a lifetime. You'll kick yourself later for not taking a very unique opportunity. As for reading, google and read up on Phillipine culture, and get in tune with customs and behaviors. Tourists, or even people like you who will be staying for a bit, will gain a lot more respect if they stay within the realm of what the country allows. Stepping out of bounds if you are a foreigner is usually a bad thing no matter where you are, obviously. Learn what's right and wrong before you go.
  • Hey, bring me back some folders when you come home.
  • I thought the dog sign was "Mag Ingat Sa Aso"? That's like one of the FEW things I remember from living there 25 years ago.
  • Filipino boys are very attractive too, if that's your thing.
  • Listen to the voice of reason! Don't go! I'd be willing to sacrifice myself for you. Just tell your boss.
  • filipino women are drop-dead gorgeous Filipino boys are very attractive too So the point is, there'd be some hot fucking. This is the only thing you should need to know about a country.
  • Three months is not moving. That's a long holiday.
  • Eat stuffed milk fish, green mangoes with salt and chiles, regular mangoes and papayas and rambutans, buko pie, green papaya pie, lumpia... (Yes, it's all about the food.)
  • Just an update: it's looking more and more like no one will be sent down there after all. Thanks to all who took the time to post. I guess now I can put off my Hepatitis shot a while longer.