August 11, 2006

Adjust Your Scales . It was a bit of a shake-up then!
  • "n Hudson Bay, Canada, which was crushed downward by the weight of ice during the last ice age, the ground is still rebounding upward. That change adds about one-400,000th of an ounce to the weight of a 150-pound person every year." Aha! So it's NOT the beer and pizza! I knew it!
  • I've always thouth we could do with just a bit less gravity. Make it easier to get up in the morning, y'know?
  • This is heavy! Very cool story.
  • I thought I was feeling kinda light headed. *hic*
  • Bouguer gravity anolmay maps are so cool. Here's one for Kansas, so's you know. It measures the variance from standard gravity, and can be helpful in discovering ore bodies. Here's another for ye olde USA (not as pretty as Kansas's). The procedure for measuring is fairly easy, but the instruments are extremely sensitive and delicate.
  • Anomaly. ANOMALY. Spelling are for chumps.
  • That's chimps, luv.
  • ...150-pound person would experience a weight loss of about one-25,000th of an ounce I knew my diet was working! Six-pack, here I come!
  • Hurry up and get those washboard abs, NE. I need to do my laundry.
  • Young Anol May was feeling quite gay and decided to bray in her stockings for lemonade pies and bluberry sighs made of whips, blades and chimaroo caulkings The weight of it all started to fall and drubbed out the frongings of May and lighter she felt when further she dwelt from the anolmays of Hudson's Bay
  • Are you making fun of me, InsolentBluberry? *gives the Chimp a well-deserved-yet-affectionate noogie*
  • Gads!
  • I'm not making fun of you, my dear nunia, but fun with you!
  • Fun with me involves power tools. And we all know you love power tools. We should design a drill that spells properly for us.
  • A DeWalt Whitman, perchance?