August 10, 2006

Rembetika - 99 tracks, 6 cd set of Rembetika like you've never heard before. All the old familiar tunes done with such brilliance,and flair with new sounds and instrumentation, bringing the whole era of the Rembetis back once more. OPA! [MP3!]
  • I can dig some Greek blues.
  • *waits for "this is inauthentic" backlash*
  • Stilton?
  • I delight in all forms of the Terpsichorean muse.
  • It's all Greek to me but I like the tunes.
  • I really enjoy International music. Stuff like this is such a peek into a culture that you just don't see on the stupid grammys. Excellent post. I will be downloading lots more of these. Thanks!
  • Many many thanks, Ian -- since I do Middle Eastern dance, I've been downloading plenty of tsifte tellis to practice to. Rembetica at its best is just so damn degenerate and louche; I love it so. )))!
  • I should give a shout out to my friend Liakos who showed me this link at his house the other day. Thank you sir.