August 05, 2006

Collide entire galaxies together with this neat little java-app. Then laugh like the vengeful deity you truly are.
  • oh, and [this is good]
  • Kind of neat but my Java 2RE 5 and Firefox makes the animation stutter just briefly every 1.4 seconds or so. Nothing else running. Well, some sort of VMWare helper app is in the background gobbling up a few cycles... I wonder if that's it.
  • I'm getting the periodic stuttering too, on a Mac, OS X 10.2.8 w/Firefox and Java 2RE 1.4.1. Also, anyone else having trouble with the theta and phi controls? I can only make them go down by clicking on them, I can't make them go back up or enter a value. And finally, I thought the dark matter theory had been disproved. Still pretty neat, though. Scary too, would any life-bearing planets around any of the stars in those galaxies survive? Would some of them survive the interaction unscathed or would they all be trashed?
  • ReverendJohn, try right-clicking. I've almost been able to slingshot some stars out of their own galaxy. They'd go back eventually, those two galaxies are the only sources of gravity in this universe. But I'd still like to launch a coulple stars way damn far outside of the rest of the group.
  • Unfortunately my mac mouse only has one button, and ctrl-click isn't doing it for me. Alas.
  • hahaha. one-button mouses are funny.
  • but buttoned-down mooses alway amuses ...
  • *giggles*