August 05, 2006

The Outwin Boochever portrait competition. The finalists.

The winner has already been chosen, but you can still vote for the People's Choice. Or do your own.

  • Those are fantastic. The first prize winner...I can't really pin down my reaction to it, beyond just loving it. Sort of a strange mixture of optimism and unease, I think.
  • Some of these are just ... wrong.
  • The first prize winner I find banal. But there ye are, tastes differ. On the other hand, I identify very strongly with Demi Raven's Monster v 4.
  • The guy who painted his naked parents...well, you have to wonder...
  • These are awesome. What a cool find! Humanity provides such a diversity of subject matter.
  • Ralph, he went a step beyond that: lite-brited his naked parents...
  • That's a nice portrait, Plegmund. Mine looked like a blob of leftovers.
  • That's nothin'. I tried painting a portrait of a blob of leftovers and it turned out looking like Danny Kaye.