August 03, 2006

Laundryroom Swapmeet People leave things on the laundryroom table of the apartment building. Later, those things are gone. More things appear. Who takes them, and why? The big questions, pondered small. Dude, I totally fuckin' swiped this from Mr. Blue over there, huh huh huh.
  • You know what I really admire about this guy? He appears to have chosen the color palette for his site based on the color of the laundry room table he photographs the stuff on. It's the details. Seriously fun to read. I'm considering leaving random stuff in our laundry room now. Except my building is such a hole we don't even have a folding table...
  • Nice writing to describe the sometimes boredom of life. It sure would be weird to leave things there on purpose, like clothing, and then watch who is wearing it a few weeks later (albeit, in the hopes that the previous owner had somehow forgotten about it...) This idea has nothing to do with lingerie.
  • There are people in our building that like to think that the contents of the dryers are for the swapmeet and they'll put your unmentionables on the table without even putting anything in the dryer. If only I had arrived three minutes earlier I could have left a tooth or two for the swapmeet.
  • Yeah, nothing like some random grubby guy with his filty paws all over my clean underthings. *gag*
  • Sorry for the derail there nunia. That whole part of shared laundry rooms is mighty creepy.
  • I've actually caught someone digging through my wet laundry before, BPH. I felt compelled to rewash it AND babysit it.
  • That's a sweeeeet little teapot! The only things anyone ever leaves in my laundry room are empty bottles, Canadian quarters, and lint.
  • Hey, I'm missing some lint!
  • and send me those quarters....
  • The thing that always bugged me about using communal laundry rooms is the people who put their clothes in the machines and leave them there for hours and then get upset if instead of waiting around for hours until they come back you take their clothes out of the machine and put them on the table and not the giveaway table.
  • wow, finally. mystery solved. BEREK IS THE SOCK BANDIT
  • No, no, I only steal old ladies underwear.
  • You can always make an underpants quilt.