August 03, 2006

Moscow Panorama Pretty good I reckon. Anyone seen this?
  • Wow. It reminds me of the "Hobbit house" in that working with things that small would drive my mind squirrel to batshit assplosion. But kudos to them.
  • Well, must say I admire the patience of whoever made this. The electric lights are a very nice touch.
  • Reminds me of Madurodam. More such miniature parks at the international Association of Miniature Parks.
  • small things -- do they make me feel like I'm a giant possibly in control by sheer virtue of over-size? oh to be able to wander through unseen intricacies of the palace, the picture galleries enclosed within ornate facades reading small text in the library where all the secrets are kept chained to the tables, maybe visit the sub-basement and the undercellars or peer out of the cockloft at the mite-y scurrying on pavement below
  • *enters cockloft into lexicon - sans definition*
  • Thought I'd run across it recently in Captain Gross's fascinating Dictionary here, but if so, it's cunningly buried, glammajamma. Anyway, cock loft comes from having or hearing hearing birds on the roof, as in pigeon fancying - so means the high garret or under-roof part of a building, with only a layer of shingles between you and the outside, as opposed to an attic which may be all or partially enclosed with interior wallboard, floors, ceilings etc.
  • Whaddya say we all chip in and buy it? $380,000, ~5,500 monkeys...