August 03, 2006

Snakes On Your Phone! "This is Samuel L. Jackson...and I know everything about you." Yes, it's viral marketing, but this time it's brilliant: enter a friend's name, some details about them, and have Mr. Jackson place a phone call encouraging them to go see Snakes on a Plane. Best if the intended victim has no idea they're about to get a call. shamelessly stolen from MeFi
  • Blast you! I was just gonna post this! (it IS kinda cool though)
  • Bah. Foolish Jackson doesn't know half the names I wanted to use. Not even 'Sylvia'? Come on! Monkeywrenching tip: *don't* use some browser like Safari that allows, on its' 'Activity' window, see the page's components, because then you *could* download the resulting audio file, which would allow to send it without having to provide your and your friends' email addresses for their mail harvesters. Just sayin' : )
  • Heh, I was going to post it too. I liked mathowie's "WTF??" moment on his Vox blog.
  • After sending a few to friends, I had it call me - the phone rang right away. Except that it played someone else's message. So if you're reading this: Dana, your brother sent you a message about snakes on a plane. Skip your biotech job, don't mess with your hairdo and get in your junk car to see it. Although, taking the number you put in and making it the caller id number is cool, especially if you want to play two people against each other and watch the ensuing confusion...
  • Yeah I'm not going there, but just from the comments it sounds vaguely illegal. Here in Snakistan that is. Ssssssss!
  • strangely enough I just told a friend in Miami about my mention in David Waldon's book and it turned out she hadn't heard of this movie before much less any of the internet buzz!!!! needless to say, she'll be getting an interesting phone call some time soon...I couldn't resist!
  • SOAP Snakes on a Plane or Spam on a Phone You decide.
  • Solipsist(s) On About Posting
  • The hype has reached critical mass. Definitely looks like a hollywood dud to miss, this one.
  • i appreciated the "smoking, other" option
  • I want these motherfucking celebrity recordings off my motherfucking phone!
  • Philistine! Celebrities are what give our lives meaning and make our pitiful, excrebaly unbearable exixtences worth living!