August 03, 2006

Stockholm meetup Scandi monkeys represent!

Tjenare apor! It's about time us party people from the northern climes showed 'em how it's done :) The proposed date is August 26th, at a location to be determined in central Stockholm. Maybe somewhere on Söder for barrels of vodka? Skansen for a picnic? Gamla Stan for coffee? Best decided by someone who has actually lived in the city sometime in the last 25 years, rather than me... So far it's just varj, klue all the way from Trondheim and myself, but I'm convinced there are other Scandiwegian monkeys lurking out there - come out and show yourselves!

  • My cats want me to let you know they hate your countries neutrality, and they wish to drag you into a long and bloody South American conflict. I do not share my cats war mongering tendencies, our debates are collosal.
  • Funny, I suddenly have an urge for garlic beer...
  • And lutefisk
  • And meatballs
  • Garlic beer? Hyi! Cider and Koff all the way. I know it ain't Swedish, but Finland, represent!
  • Gamla Stan is cool - much the best place in Stockholm. I was last in the city 15 years ago. Unfortunately, I'll be battling the powers and principalities by 26th August (school starts in a week or two).
  • Oh, an I ain't Scandinavian, but I include myself by reason of my bosted.
  • *seethes* *chugs more akvavit*
  • Stockholm meetup What is the technical psychiatric definition of "Stocholm meetup"?
  • What is the technical psychiatric definition of "Stocholm meetup"? Needs more vodka.
  • alcarilinque, whereabouts are you? Near enough to Stockholm to join us? Skrik, you are hereby declared an honourary Scandinavian, we're proud to have you aboard. Sorry you can't make the meetup. Weezel! dude! We can totally provide garlic beer*! Get ye on a plane! *The Swedish bar we went to for a meetup in London serves garlic beer... we drank quite a lot of it.
  • The next Scandimofimeetup will be in the Arctic.
  • So, we tragically appear to have lost klue to exam pressures back home... Anyone else around? Stockholm lurkers, now's the time to sing out!