July 31, 2006

Tamara Drewe by Posy Simmonds is a graphic novel being serialised in The Guardian. Episodes one to eighty-something are currently available. Tamara Drewe is inspired by Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd. Simmonds's previous graphic novel, Gemma Bovery, was similarly inspired by 19th century literature - some French book about some chick by someone called Flambé, or something.
  • I follow this religiously, but nothing will ever quite come up to The Silent Three and their subsequent lives, as told by Posy during the eighties (?)
  • Goddamit Plegmund, stop being older and more knowledgable than me!
  • There again (harrumph), how many current readers of the trendy-lefty, politically correct Guardian's literary review, thrilling to the sensitivity of Posy's drawing and characterisation, realise that she began her career dashing off the double-entendre based 'Bear' series for down-market right-wing rag the Sun during the seventies? Thought not, eh, what?
  • I admit, I'm hooked by the first 20 or so. And hey, my alma mater gets a mention! Even if it's just where the fat guy got his MFA.
  • ...some French book about some chick by someone called FlambĂ©... Oh, yeah -- that! That sold like hotcakes, as I recall. Enh? ENH? OK, I'll sit down quietly. Thanks for the linky, quid.
  • I really enjoyed Gemma Bovary. This is great, thanks!
  • What a coincidence - I put a copy of Gemma Bovery on reserve at the library a week or two ago and just picked it up today! It's definitely not going to be as fast a read as many graphic novels are - there's so much text in it, and small text at that. I have read some of the Tamara Drewe episodes but haven't kept up with it lately, so thanks for the reminder! :D
  • Well, it's over. Nicely done, for a soap opera. I admit I looked forward to the latest developments every week. And you never met a straighter guy, let me assure you! ;)