July 31, 2006

Content Restriction Anullment and Protection (YouTube) I have never been concerned about DRM, because it never seems to last.

On a side note, I got my invite for mugshot. I asked my real world friends if they wanted an invite, but their eyes glaze over everytime I mentions something Linux (YouTube) related. So if anyone wants an invite just email me.

  • But the iPod has no DRM - only the music from iTunes does. You can play any music on an iPod (provided it's mp3 or some similarly format), and you can take that music off the iPod, though they don't make it easy (because the government told they they weren't allowed to make it easy). So the CRAP here is iTunes music store, and Real music store and all the rest, not the players. Buy whatever player you want. Just remember to rip to mp3 or ogg. (Note: the iPod does not play ogg - a future one might. But other players do).
  • But the iPod has no DRM - only the music from iTunes does. You have to use itunes with your ipod. itunes is DRM-laden. The ipod is a DRM-controlled piece of hardware. If you choose to discount the software required for operation, no piece of hardware has DRM. So either the ipod has DRM, or nothing has DRM.
  • > You have to use itunes with your ipod no, there's a bunch of other software you can use. i've used ephpod on one machine and found it quite useful.
  • You load your iPod through iTunes (or through one of the many free programs now available, as roryk points out), but you don't have to use anything DRM'd. I load nothing but mp3s ripped using Cdex - unless you buy from the iTunes Music Store, iTunes is just a file management program. It does have a default setting to rip to AAC, but you can change that to Mp3 on a pull down menu, which isn't exactly rocket science. I have copied files from my iPod to my husband's computer. He's put them on his Sony player. How is this DRM'd? All players have certain protections against copying files back officially -- the US government demands that. But if you just tell your computer to show you hidden files, you can see whatever you put on there.