July 30, 2006

Meet Dave Rat , Roadie researcher extraordinaire. Follow him in his Adventures with the Chili Peppers. Laughs! Tears! Stacks of heavey amplifiers!

Also check out his sound company, RAT Sound, "the original punk rock sound co".

  • I have met Dave Rat, circa 1985, and certify him as an intereting rock-n-roll character. He was behind (as I recall) a couple of compilations of mostly California-based non-hardcore punk bands circa 1986-1987, both entitled "Rat Music for Rat People." When I met him, it was the height of the hardcore circuit, such as it was, and he told me he was working on a memoir which would compare it to the historical juke-joint circuit (if I recall correctly). He was acting as the road manager for a band called "Tales of Terror." He was the first adult I ever spoke to who correctly identified the US punk underground of the time as the future of the US music business, and I am not surprised to hear he hooked up with the Chili Peppers.