July 30, 2006

Curious George: Exporting Opera Bookmarks! I'd like to transfer my Opera bookmarks to Firefox, but am having trouble. Please hope me!

I recently got a new laptop, and have decided to switch browsers from Opera to Firefox. However, I am having a heck of a time transferring my opera bookmarks (about 500 or so of them) to Firefox. I have Firefox installed on the same machine that has Opera, but Firefox did not offer me an "Import from Opera" feature. Although it did have an "Import from IE" feature. However, I cannot seem to get my bookmarks from Opera to IE either! If anyone has a suggestion for how to get my Opera bookmarks into Firefox, that would be much appreciated!

  • sigh... I spent an hour trying to figure this out, and 3 minutes after I posted this curious george I figured it out. Admin, feel free to remove this from the FP. Sorry to waste your time everyone! =)
  • I know that Firefox exports its bookmarks as an *.html file, and imports it the same way. Will Opera export bookmarks this way?
  • Eh, it could be useful to someone out there. Tell us how you did it, then it becomes a resource! It's a slow Sunday.
  • I used a program called BookmarkPriest which allows you to select a source browser and a destination browser and transfer your links between them. However, it would not work right when I tried to transfer straight from Opera to Firefox, so I transferred to IE first, then from IE to Firefox. Then I exported my Firefox links to the desktop, transferred that file to my new laptop, and imported them.
  • It's almost exactly the same as firefox. Go into manage bookmarks > file > export. tada. Export it to your desktop, back that file up (smart thing to do). Then use firefoxes import function.
  • I'll give BookmarkPriest the Worst Named Software of the Year Award. "This program (as the name jokingly implies) is a Bookmark converter..." is the rib-tickler here, but it reminds me more of a program that will delete your porn, philosophy, evolution, family planning and Gay Pride Parade bookmarks, will attempt to delete all of your Medusa Outlook Express e-mail (which isn't all that bad a thing, damn, how she stalks me...) and deduct tithes from your paypal account. What the world needs is BookmarkSlut, the software that shares her favorites with just about anyone.
  • So how do I put the IE stuff into Firefox? *said the program-stunted GramMa
  • GramMa ... click, File, Import...
  • while in Firefox, I mean...
  • Thank you, Ralph, dearie. I'll try that tomorrow when I'm less pooped ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • Sorry to waste your time everyone! =) Sorry?! You're SORRY?! And you have the umitigated galllll to smile while saying SORRY?! Do you have any idea how valuable my time is? Noooo?! Well, trust me, it's valuable!!! Honest, it is!!! It really is!! Well buddy, you are in for a serious monkey beating!
  • Oh yeah, and let's ban Berek while we're at it!