July 27, 2006

Zoo monkeys make bid for freedom Clever simians from Old London town make hay when the sunshines.
  • I like the way the staff are like 'yeah, whatever, as long as we can see 'em they'll be fine'. Is that zoo run by Cheech and Chong?
  • Life would be better if monkeys roamed free. Everywhere.
  • Not Cheech and Chong, Cheetah and Chong.
  • Go go, monkeys! Take that literal and existential leap to freedom!
  • I definitely think the world would be a better place is cellphone-stealing monkeys were allowed to roam free in public places. Like movie theaters, for instance.
  • IF, that is, not IS. When are we going to get a preview button for this filter thingy?
  • Preview buttons are fro losers.
  • Life would be better if monkeys roamed free. Everywhere. They do!(sssssshhhhhh shut up and watch the flash movie)
  • I saw no one flashing in that movie! Auctully, I saw no movie, nothing but a blank white expanse of web space.
  • Not Cheech and Chong, Cheetah and Chong. Geddit RIGHT, peepel. It be Cheetah and Kong. Go, monkeys, go! All you need is one long distance call...
  • UM, okay, that comment was meant for that other thread......
  • Uh wait, it was meant for this thread...
  • My head hurts....
  • Ban this fool!
  • The only thing that could make this post better is more escaped monkey links.
  • escaped monkeys are cool but junkie monkeys are even cooler.
  • they turned into a "writhing mass." That is just so...WRONG!
  • will respond to his own name and may take bait of bananas, marshmallow or grapes. Don't we all? he could outrun the horses Poor lil' bugger. I suppose they have bloodhounds after him, too.