July 22, 2006

Richest place on earth? This'd give anyone a reason ta spit a few chips!
  • The dichotomy of the place is striking, and you'ld think the casinos could spare some of those billion dollar profits to pay for some more hospital beds, mental health services and homeless shelters, but they won't ... allow... any more taxes. The mayor also suggested cutting the thumbs off of graphiti artists, and bragged to a class of first graders about how much he likes to drink martinis. I'd like to be able to walk down the street without being begged for change, particularly by people with alcohol on their breath and a sob story about just needing bus fare because their car broke down. Yeah... I'm not going to feed your habit, sorry. Go stand in line at the shelter, sorry.
  • In this heat, I wonder how many people will have to die before somebody decides this is a bad idea.
  • -rage-
  • homeless people will be encouraged to go to a centre or charity that offers services such as mental health evaluations Uh, "mental health evaluations"? For whose benefit?
  • Don't. Get. Me. Started. Under the Republicans, social services have been gutted, and the government doesn't give a shit whether these people (or YOU people) live or die. As long as the mess and stink doesn't offend their delicate sensibility and deter their public theft, BushCo and his buddies will do just fine. Thenkuveddymush
  • Casinos make money for casino owners. Detroit was all excited about putting them in, with the whole "it will make the city better" angle. What did it do? It made the casino owners more money. Sure, eventually more people have come to downtown Detriut, but it took the Superbowl to really clean things up. If Las Vegas cops and residents don't want a problem with homeless, they really ought to start with figuring out how to better serve the people who need it rather than crack down on those trying to help out.
  • I imagine that gamblers think they can curry favor with Lady Luck if they do something altruistic, like feeding homeless people. You will never meet a more superstitious group of people than gamblers. And don't get me started on the way people pray over slot machines on Indian Reservations.
  • Fold your flapping wings, Soaring legislature! Stoop to little things, Stoop to human nature! Never need to roam, Members patriotic, Let’s begin at home Crime is no exotic! Bitter is your bane Terrible your trials, Dingy Drury Lane! Soapless Seven Dials! Take a tipsy lout, Gathered from the gutter. Hustle him about, Strap him to a shutter. What am I but he, Washed at hours stated, Fed on filagree, Clothed and educated? He’s a mark of scorn, I might be another, If I had been born Of a tipsy mother. Take a wretched thief, Through the city sneaking. Pocket handkerchief Ever, ever seeking. What is he but I Robbed of all my chances, Picking pockets by Force of circumstances? I might be as bad, As unlucky, rather, If I’d only had Fagin for a father!