July 19, 2006

Curiosu George: Internet Radio! Let's all list our favorite internet radio stations, what kind of stuff they play, and why others would love that one station broadcast from XYZ that we love. It's been done before, but long long ago in a galaxy far far away.

I'll start with two obvious ones. KEXP: Out of Seattle, and what you might expect to come from Seattle. Rocky, good. WOXY: Covered here before.

  • Speciaru sperring!
  • I listen to radio a lot but rarely for music. When I do, I mainly listen to FIP or last.fm, more rarely to Japan A Radio.
  • When I have a spare three hours or so, I listen to one of the archive shows of the Best Show on WFMU. The music is fairly eclectic, although a lot of it is New York and New Jersey punk/hardcore from the 90s... well, more than you'd want, anyway. The spoken segments are at times, however, absolute genius. I challenge anyone not to testify after the full glory of the Bruce Willis saga. Tom Sharpling, the DJ, also writes scripts for afternoon telly classic Monk, which is such an utterly random fact that I can only admire it. Resonance Radio is basically the Wire FM crossed with an East London community centre radio station, but has its moments. And, obviously, there's always Listen Again on the Beeb.
  • KEXP, mentioned in the post, is my favorite. I also listen to CBC radio 3 for my daily CanCon (Canadian content) requirement. Both stations have podcasts that I like to listen to when I go running. I also like WFMU, a station that can only be described as, well, eclectic.
  • WOXY kicks the ass of any other radio station in the world. Period. If you like things then you will like woxy. If you don't like WOXY then I don't like you.
  • I also like WFMU, a station that can only be described as, well, eclectic. So it would appear.
  • SomaFM is a source of true delight.
  • Midnight Blues for when I'm in the mood to listen to the blues. Radio Power has four different channels, but mostly I listen to Punk 45 Radio there. Modern Rock Classics and Generation 80s Retro for those moments of nostalgia. Otto's Baroque Music to relax. Ouzo FM for my Greek music fix. Though what I listen to most is either Digital Gunfire (Industrial, EBM, Electronic, Futurepop) or Second Shifters (Gothic).
  • Christophine! or, perhaps, "Christophine's login!"
  • Petebest! The Collective speaks! And you forgot your pants again.
  • Radio Paradise is an awesome station. Before i found "Paradise" i was diggin SomaFM as well. Then there is always Groove Monkey Radio but its IP is blocked here at work :(
  • Jack FM, by which I mean the original Internet station, not one of the zillion radio clones with the same format. (Yes, I feel kind of dirty saying I listen to it, but I have been listening to it online for something like four years.) It's a mix of a little of everything ('80s, '90s, a bit of dance, rock, even country, disco, oldies), and mostly stuff I know, which means it's easy to sing along to or tune out as background noise. (What can I say, I find if I am listening to new music I have to really focus on it to absorb it and it distracts me from whatever else I'm doing, and eventually vaguely irritates me, so for my everyday music I like it to be just random enough to keep it interesting but familiar enough to be like comfort food.)
  • Oooh, I've been liking Groove Monkey Radio as well.
  • I'll second Soma FM, especially the Drone Zone channel, which is just that. Good for concentrating at work.