July 17, 2006

Aw, g'wan, ya big pong-head
  • Hi again, PatB! Figured your computer had died the death. Fact: most of this article is beyond my technical incompetence to grasp. But I suppose wearing one of these hats will make me a brighter bee. ;]
  • Apparently, some are willing to buy this sort of thing. In belt-buckle form, at any rate.
  • From Nick's link: Light up buckles are the hottest thing on the streets right now so don't be left out or fooled by imitators offering poor quality scrolling belt buckles. If this is true, I am never, ever, ever going out on the street again. But I'm thinkin' the hat would be good for scaring the porcupine that's been eating my house away. (and HI bees! And yes. first the computer, then the generator, then I was just being hermitty)
  • Can see some utility in having one of these gadgets for car or housekeys.
  • I'm sure we will pretty soon see some bums or homeless guys on the street, sporting a hat like this with some local establihsment's logo and advertisment.
  • I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I want a Daft Punk helmet.
  • More wearable electronic thingummies here. Is this trend something to accept without question in a day when governments incline toward surveillance? When business wants to discover consumer habits? /cyberhive
  • I get kinda freaked out when I see someone with a blue tooth ear piece anymore. If I ever see someone with two, I'm running away.
  • me too, crataugus.