July 14, 2006

Despite the War, Love blossoms in Iraq - between a man & his donkey.

In November 2004, infrared and night vision equipment allowed U. S. troops in Iraq to see a male Iraqi having sex with a female donkey. See, it's not all bad news! Why can't the liberal media show some of THIS stuff, huh?

  • Not sure whether to laugh, vomit, dance or cry. I mean, this is just sad on so many levels... The soundtrack's running commentary and porn-disco are what set this one apart. Poor pathetic beast. And the donkey deserves sympathy, too.
  • Just shows, no matter what's going on around you, there's always time to get some ass! Eh? EH??
  • I protest! This is not horse buggery. It is close, but it is not horse buggery.
  • This just in, humans are acting way fucked up in Iraq. And now, back to the studio.
  • Lonely man or hoax? What makes me suspicious is that it's not the first vid of US soldiers larking about with a donkey
  • So he fucked a donkey. He didn't blow anyone up, he didn't force anyone to jerk off while being electrocuted, he didn't steal anyone's vast oil wealth and he didn't waste billions of tax bucks. Good on him I say: if everyone in Iraq - regardless of race, colour, sex or creed - would just follow his example and have sexual congress with an animal maybe the whole place would calm down enough for us all to draw breath and commit ourselves to working together to build a bright, new future for this troubled (yet vitally important) nation of donkey fuckers.
  • hey quid - you and me, we jiggy jiggy, yes?
  • The old wet blanket I'm using for a brain at the moment can't help wondering - what's the conservative Muslim stance on animal buggery these days? If by some chance somebody figures out who the feller in the video is, is he gonna get some rocks chucked at him?
  • Old Wet Blanket she ain't what she used to be Ain't what she used to be Ain't what she used to be . . .
  • The Iraqis will never be saved until they turn to good ole American horse buggery.
  • Lonely man or hoax? Anyone have thoughts on this? I ain't watched either tube.
  • Well, I didn't watch the tube, but until I found it was a link to a video my first thought was "*Tweeeee!!* Photoshop!!"
  • "what's the conservative Muslim stance on animal buggery these days?" Iraq was a secular regime under Hussein, so I suppose this guy is getting some donkey lovin' done before the harsh fundamentalist laws start taking effect. In Hussein's days, you could fuck as many donkeys as you could lay hands on, & there was no problem. Hussein himself was fond of a camel, hence his sons.
  • I'd walk a mile for a...
  • I don't wanna play anymore.
  • And that is news?
  • Ancient ceremonial practice involving a woman having relations with a (mercifully dead) horse described here.
  • Republicans are really fucked up, man.
  • Jeez Beez that article reads like a cut and paste job from the Time Cube site.
  • Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep (embedded YourDailyMedia.com video)
  • Most. Erotic. Video. Ever.
  • Hawt.