July 10, 2006

Hooray, Pee Wee's Back! Note: Link is to the LA Times. Registration Required. "You are all lucky boys and girls, however old you are, because tonight "Pee-wee's Playhouse" comes back to TV. As part of its Adult Swim franchise, the Cartoon Network will begin airing the show's original 45 episodes, which ran over five seasons of Saturday mornings on CBS from 1986 to 1991."

And there was this tidbit from the end of the article: "Although the character of Pee-wee Herman has not been seen in public since a Minnie Pearl tribute in 1992, Reubens shows up regularly in small films and as a voice artist; he also recently appeared (eminently recognizable behind glasses and a big fake mustache) in a video for the Raconteurs, White Stripe Jack White's other band. It is widely believed that Reubens' 1991 arrest killed Pee-wee forever, but Reubens is not done with him. He has two Pee-wee scripts finished: One is a revised version of an unproduced screenplay he wrote with Panter, a "Playhouse" adventure featuring the usual suspects. The other is "dark," a "Valley of the Dolls" story that seems from reports to obliquely refer to some of his own personal trials. "I never said it was over or I didn't want to do it anymore," Reubens said about the possibility of putting on the suit and bow tie again. "That's something that's been said by other people."

  • a "Playhouse" adventure featuring the usual suspects It'll never be the same without Captain Carl.
  • *clap* *clap* *clap*
  • /masturbates furiously
  • This is fine, but why is Adult Swim -- on the CARTOON network -- insisting on showing live action shows? First they tried to show Saved By the Bell, but viewers were so vocal in opposing it that they gave up. Now they are trying PeeWee. I enjoyed Pee Wee back in the day, but wouldn't TV Land or some other network be a better fit than CARTOON Network? (Of course TV Land is owned by the CBS Corporation aka Viacom and Cartoon Network is owned by AOLTimeWarner. So perhaps some place like TBS or TNT would be appropriate. TBS already shows Family Guy, so why not Pee Wee?)
  • 'Cuz it's cheap. Gotta be.
  • *bangs head on wall*
  • jccalhoun: "why is Adult Swim -- on the CARTOON network -- insisting on showing live action shows?" I think that is like asking why MTV and VH1 don't show music videos any more. Times change, their names became anachronous. In the case of Pee Wee Herman, I would think the logic to be along the following lines: Traditionally, cartoons have been children's programs. Therefore, one might assume that the Cartoon Network was also a children's network. CN created Adult swim to provide cartoons that are directed towards an adult sense of humor. One might even say they are adult entertainment masquerading as children's entertainment. Well, I think everyone would agree that Pee Wee's playhouse started out as adult entertainment masquerading as children's entertainment, and from that logic it would fit into the Adult Swim category.
  • We want the Simpsons.
  • pee wee IS a cartoon, just done with live people.... y'all have Chairys at home talking to you? i, for one, welcome our new adult swim overlords.
  • ...adult swim overlords. Too. Many. Impish. Thoughts. Head. Might. Explode.
  • LOVE. Pee. Wee.
  • Yes, everything you all said PLUS, he's got a couple of new Pee Wee scripts. I'm guessing that what ever he's got cooking is going to be darker and more "adult" (i.e. for adults, not pornographic you pervs) than the previous movies. The trouble is to find another Tim Burton to direct.
  • You know what to do when you hear the secret word, don't'cha kids? SCREAM REAL LOUD!
  • I'm pretty excited (not THAT way) about having PeeWee back on teevee. I also think it's a good sign that at least somebody else believes that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time (and caught by the biggest freakin redneck this side of the moon). Welcome back, PeeWee.