July 09, 2006

Bad bad fashion. She goes by the name malingering and she takes many pictures of the amusing and sometimes frightening fashions on the streets of Los Angeles. There are so many photos that it is broken into two sections. Also featuring subsets on pants with asswriting , the dangers of low-rise, fake boobies , who are their parents? and a special one for our Australian friends.

Disclaimer: sometimes the comments can get a bit mean.

  • And how could I forget the venice beach speedo guy who won't go away subset?
  • Some people call me Speedo, but my real name is Mr Earl.
  • I'm going to need some photographic evidence of that, sir. Your Uggs are optional.
  • They often call me Speedo 'cause I don't believe in wastin' time.
  • Awesome find. Malingering is my new heroine, and no comments are too mean for low-rise jeans.
  • Just last week a friend and I saw a mid thirties, slightly overweight woman wearing bright red shorts that said 'NASCAR' on the ass. I thought that was perhaps the best word someone who wears 'asswriting' clothes could have there. It kinda sums it all up in one word, neatly split between the cheeks. I was disappointed by the 'who are their parents' series, with a name like that, the photos should be epic, or maybe my senses have just been dulled a bit too much
  • aw I got stuck here for ages just a week ago......
  • Schlim, I thought this was a bit too much on the kid's page. I hate ass-crackery as much as anyone, and I don't need to see pudgy midriffs, hanging boobies, or your thong, but what's wrong with the latest in boots or a kid in a pink coat?
  • Hey BlueHorse, the pictures in the Parents series never lived up to their true potential - I don't think those pictures are representative of bad parenting like Malingering would like them to be. I did laugh at the boy in the Coors Light jacket, but the whole series wasn't nearly as biting or funny as something like Vice Magazine's Do's and Don'ts. Of course, Vice tends to pick its well deserved targets a bit closer to the twenty-thirty something hipster world than small kids running rampant throughout Southern California in furry boots.
  • Ladies & gents of the 21st Century, I give you the gunt.
  • i'm not impressed. this seems to me like poking fun at "people who are different from me (us)". it strikes me as akin to a group of somewhat privileged teenage schoolgirls sitting in a cafe looking at the street and commenting on everyone who walks by. in some senses, the photo collections are aimed at giving the middle class a chance to laugh at those of lower classes, while dressing it up as commentary on clothing. moreover, i don't like the idea of kids' photos being placed on open access. i presume the kids' parents have not given permission for this. poking fun at children is not my idea of a laugh.
  • Watch out, here comes the political correctness..
  • I had a "meh" reaction many of the groups, but I was totally down with her idiot driver section. I also, thought of few of the boobs in the fake boobs section were real. Just because they are big, doesn't mean they are fake. The child and adult fashion victim sections are sometimes chuckleworthy. She's just posting what we see everyday on the street and making the same comments we think to ourselves. To those people who think she shouldn't shoot pix of these people/kids, they left the house that way and are in public. It isn't like she identifies the people by name and gives their addresses out. And although her comments might be appear to be mean spirited, her publicly showing her hate mail indicates she takes it with a grain of salt. Her "crazy cat lady" profile is certainly ripe for mocking. I'm sure if someone followed her around she'd exhibit some fashion don'ts.
  • > To those people who think she shouldn't shoot pix of these people/kids, they left the house that way and are in public. so i could take photos of you on the street and use these pictures in advertising? i could film you and add this footage to a movie without any release being signed by you? i don't have a major issue with the pictures of adults. if someone posted a photo on the internet of any close relative of mine who is a minor and i found out about it, i'd be quite angry. if the context of that photo is some sort of fashion commentary, i'd be furious. and martijn1973, if you have a point, please feel free to make it.
  • Too much to go through in one sitting. And yes, I went through my own "I can't afford to dress like the cool kids" period, but I didn't go out of my way to accentuate my worst features. These look more like people who think they ARE the cool kids. And I wish I had their magic mirror!
  • Ew. Whale tail.
  • so i could take photos of you on the street and use these pictures in advertising? The poster on flickr isn't using the images for advertising. I'd need a release for my likeness to be used for commercial purposes. Ever been at a public gathering and see a flash go off? You might be on someone's flickr photostream. There really is no recourse if the photos are not used commercially. One could sue the person for libel, I suppose, but for libel, the allegations must be false. A person that is wearing Ugg and asswriting is indefensible. When I was on vacation last year I stepped in front of someone making a home movie. He could have shown it to his friends ridiculing my clothing. It could be on youtube right now. Now if it were a commercial movie and I became aware of it, I would ask for cash. I was filmed when I went to the bank this morning, drove down the freeway to breakfast and then at the restaurant. When you leave the house and enter public space, the expectation of privacy goes out the window. If she took the photos into people's homes and backyards I would be the first to be outraged. But being spotted at the Grove or 3rd Street Promenade is fair game.
  • Asswriting... OMG, when I lived in Oklahoma several years ago, I was waiting in the car for my wife in an supermarket parking lot. A few spaces over, a woman and her 10-year old daughter get out of a car. Asswritten on tight shorts on the 10-year old: "HOTTIE". Christ. Way to go, Mom. It's not just the pervs that are part of the problem.
  • I guess the thing of it is that these pics were taken at very public places where people tend to walk around with their bits hangout out. And really, seeing women in Ugg boots, leggings and a miniskirt never ceases to amaze me (especially on 80 degree days). If they're anything like me in my younger days when I wore intentionally quirky outfits, they probably don't care what people think about it.
  • Anyone that can afford $10,000+ worth of plastic surgery, as some of the frequent flyers in those photosets have is not "lower class". At least not financially.
  • there are a lot of butts in the majority of these photos.
  • So what's your point? There are a lot of butts on teh Intarwebs, too.
  • i was just stating that there are indeed quite a few butts in those photos. i was getting my observations down before i hypothesize and conclude.
  • If mocking bad fashion makes me wrong, I don't wanna be right.
  • Oh, you said ! I thought you said collude, meaning you're heading off to put on your whale tails and {HOTSTUFF} jeans.
  • oh, that's what i meant. my b.