June 29, 2006

Goregirl's Guide to Women in Music This is a terrific guide to women in rock music. From 'til Tuesday to Zusu's Petals, women have played a huge role in rock history.

Hours of fun exploration, and still under construction! While you're in a music mood, check out the cool album covers on Dude, My Sister is a Totally Talented Drawer

  • Error Server Busy Well, phooey!
  • Try again, it should work.
  • Still problems for me. It's weird, it doesn't work for me using my usual proxy, but it does work using a different one, so I suspect bogus HTTP header voodoo, but I'm too lazy to debug their site tonight.
  • awe. some.
  • No Diana Krall? The woman I would murder Elvis Costello to have? Pffffffffffffffffft.
  • Although this does add fuel to the rock chick fantasy football debate.
  • It has Wendy O and Martha and the Muffins so OK Yo
  • Did anyone else read that as "a huge hole in rock history"? Um . . 'cause that'd be . . wrong. If you did.