June 28, 2006

Cur-IRC-ous George IRC hates me. Help!

I'm trying to log into slashnet, and have been repeatedly unsuccessful. The error message reads: Closing Link: bone[IP redacted] (Your GECOS (real name) is banned from this server). I'm using ChatZilla, if that helps. Thanks!

  • check your prefs in chatzilla, i changed my name when that happened to me today and it was ok
  • Not sure how to do that. The pulldown menu in firefox isn't getting me access to preferences. Is there a command I can use?
  • open chatzilla and you can access such things from there
  • Nope, the font on the pulldown menu is gray, not black, and thus it's not doable. :(
  • Nope, the font on the pulldown menu is gray, not black, and thus it's not doable. :(
  • Getting the same thing as bone, in fact.
  • I've heard of this 'Gabbler' thing... : )
  • That's been happening to people over on Metachat too -- don't think there's been a cure-all solution yet. One person redid their profile info and got back in, another did the same and didn't get in. I hear it's a Slashnet thing. Not much help, I know, but it's widespread.
  • Try contacting one of the ops and see if you've been tagged as a spambot. This has happened more than once to the members of #mofirc. Here's a list of servers where you can get hold of an op. They can turn un-banninate you if that's what the problem is. I had to contact one over the weekend and he was very nice about the whole thing (and responded surprisingly quickly).
  • Why on earth would we be tagged as spambots? imitate eclipse bacon harmonic postwar clog box yourself emanuel echoes dimension market hysteric zanzibar tolerate glottal lotion condemn derogatory percussive assess
  • hmm, just had the same problem. I hadn't set my real name in chatzilla leaving the default. With that changed, just logged in fine.
  • yep. That's the key. On chatzilla realname="description".
  • It's under preferences for those having trouble.
  • Since we're talking about IRC, can I just take this opportunity to once again suggest that y'all mosey on down to #mofirc on irc.slashnet.org? We want to chat to you! Yes, you!! All of you! Now! Note: should you happen to log on and find that nobody's saying anything, be not perturbed: there's a bunch of us who tend to lurk with IRC just running in the background as we go about our daily business, and conversations tend to occur in bursts. So if it's all quiet, either hang about and wait for things to pick up, or come back again soon! We really do want to chat to you!
  • Still can't access preferences. Oh well.
  • I had the same problem a couple of days ago (thank you coriolisdave, gomichild!). Strangely, my home Chatzilla menu looks different from my work Chatzilla menu.... do you have, say, "Tools" on your menu? You might be able to access Preferences from sub-menu under Tools.
  • Bone, probably the easiest solution would be to grab another IRC client -- Opera has one built-in to the browser, now, alternatively there are _lots_ out there -- x-Chat seems to be popular, and is also free.... If i had a mac to play with, I'd tell you how to change the CZ preferences, but....
  • Chatzilla prefs are under "tools" on the Mac.
  • It says "options" -- that's what you want to click on.
  • Wolof... that did it! Thank you!
  • Maybe it was Anna who kept kicking everybody out...
  • I thought you were pulling our legs with that one Flagpole until I saw him standing up in a paddle boat dancing......
  • In the channel, see? Clever! Aw, come on, the guy is singing from the heart. 'In my eyes you're still a bot'. Ah, how many times has love made us say that.. : )
  • Yes I did see actually. I suspect it was his sweeping arm movement gesturing to the river channel when he sang that particular line...
  • FYI: I am trying to PWI to the 'firc. Am getting the following error logging into slashnet using chatzilla (roar!1!!): *** Looking up your hostname... === *** Checking ident... === *** Couldn't resolve your hostname; using your IP address instead === *** No ident response; username prefixed with ~ ... and quite frankly I'm too impaired at the moment to figure out what all of that means at the moment. Why does Jesus hate me?