June 27, 2006

Man, I had forgotten how good Pete Seeger is. One thing I never knew though, was he had his own TV show. Luckily youtube has our back: The Weavers (he was a member) Mississippi John Hurt: part 1, part 2, and himself with Johnny and June Carter Cash. (For a little variety Pete on the Johnny Cash show.)

Also, apparently he is a notable American Unitarian, and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame hooray for more youtube!!

  • also could somebody please tell me how to title my posts with out a first link and with out the tittle showing up on the front page with the post? :)
  • Step 1: Fill text in "Title:" box. Step 2: Do NOT fill text in "URL:" or "URL Description:" box. Step 3: Fill in "Link Description:" box. Step 4: ??? Step 5: Hookers! Text in "Title" box will show up in the sidebar, and I believe in the beginning of your post text as well. This is how all non-leading link posts and Curious, George posts should be made. Also, Springsteen's tribute to Seeger rocks hard tasty ass to the 14th power. Definitely worth the price of admission, one of the best albums he's ever made.
  • Just say no thank you to the phrase "has our back." How f'n trite, and I hear it from liberal to conservatard blogs. Replace "has our back" with something a bit more fresh and edgy, like, "is there for us." If you don't, I'll be all over your ass.
  • Don't worry about that grumpy flitter, Uncle, I got your back!
  • I'm all over your ass. From the back.
  • *wipes back*
  • Sam Cooke does an awesome "If I Had A Hammer".
  • Seeger has been one of my favorites for a long time, I'll buy anything that has his name on it. He is, without doubt, an elder statesman of American music. I went to the Springsteen concert a couple of weeks ago. I'll second middleclasstool's comment. It is a huge, emotional, rocking, soulful, gosple, brassy, bluegrass, jazzy, protest, event. The only concert I've come away from KNOWING that the artist gave me a 110% effort, I could not have asked for more. If you can only see one concert in the next five years, this is the one! and...Uncle, thanks much for the links!
  • The only concert I've come away from KNOWING that the artist gave me a 110% effort, I could not have asked for more. Oh come now, Huron_Blob! If "the boss" is actual able to bend the logical framework of mathematics in such a way, you could at least ask that he deliver a percentile of effort in the high 400s - perhaps even greater. That's the trouble with you Native American Amoeba-like sacs of protoplasm - you're always being fobbed off with only minor deviations from logical theorums. I personally would have asked for a quanta of effort analogous to the cadinality of the infinite set of natural numbers - but then again I can never hear "Born to Run" too many times.
  • We blame our lack of ability to bend logical frameworks on the fact that GW Bush has used up the North American quota of that skill, leaving the rest of us to wallow in the raw reality of our lives. /assumes that "blob" part was a typo and elects to NOT hunt you down and kick your sorry butt!
  • I had no idea some of these guys were on film, much less on YouTube... Son House playing Death Letter Blues beats all. Thanks for the post.
  • After quite literally years of not hearing or seeing or thinking about Pete Seeger, I saw him yesterday (on a show about Woody Guthrie). And today this FPP. COINCISHRIMP??!! I think not. *grabs broomstick, parries quidnunc back into his timecube*
  • Seeger's always given a fine performance.
  • MonkeyFilter: elects to NOT hunt you down and kick your sorry butt! Yeah Seeger!
  • There was an excellent profile on Pete in the New Yorker a while back. All about him choppin' wood every day, and building houses, among other things. His changes to traditonal protest songs. A moving little bit about him standing in the sleet at the time of the UN Iraq vote, getting honked at and splashed by cars, being flipped the bird, as he stood there holding a sign that simply read "Peace". Flipping off Pete Seeger deserves its own circle in Hell. One which would be rather large, I suspect.
  • Hehe. "Tittle."