February 29, 2004

How to tie a Turban. Warning: Link contains egregiously ugly site design.
  • "If you are putting your turban on in front of your lover, this is a good time time to give her a sexy, coy look."
  • Watch out for those bad turban days, though.
  • Sorry, I mean bad turban days...
  • Any religion where a man must carry a sword at all times is all right by me.
  • Warning: Link contains egregiously sexy site design. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah.
  • More like awesomeley cool site design! /wait a few years; it'll become 'postmodern'
  • From Plegmund's link: "Wearing a turban gave me the confidence to stand up for my beliefs." If only I'd known sooner... also "...we can really talk to girls about hair, shampoos, conditioners. We've tried 'em all." Good stuff.
  • I can sleep easy tonight, having this information. Thanks, everso!
  • I got about half-way before I realised that my scarf was too short. But I'm still inspired to go find a long piece of cloth - this is fascinating! I've always wondered about the technique, though from Plegmund's link there seem to many different ways to tie a turban. Great link, nostril!
  • Original link still excellent for anyone needing to turbandage his/her/their/our head/s.
  • Turban Marcy Jarvis So cunningly they swathe your ears that, tenderly, you do appear to take it in assuaging fears that you will grow to rue these years.
  • to me mushrooms look like they wear turbans ... so why do poeple call 'em caps?
  • What a great thread. I missed it the first time, so kudos to the bumpers. If you have a bad turban day, is it disturban?
  • o' course it's disturbin' to wear a turban when you have not primed yourself with bourbon for your every impulse ye must keep curbin'
  • in streets both rural and suburban?
  • My lost coat's found, so where's my fur been?
  • Especially the rural. forget this place, it's too suburban ye can hardly hear a robin throbbin' nothing here but sparrows chirpin' faintly o'er postprandial burpin' let's go where our event horizon contains enticements more surprisin' ;]