February 29, 2004

Meet new people

As spring comes to the Northern Hemispherians, wouldn't you rather shuck that cubicle job and work outdoors? I know you would! Healthy manual labor, a natural tan, and meeting interesting new people are just some of the things in your bright new future.

  • Sorry about the double FPP. I even checked the front page to see if it had gone through.....
  • If I never do manual work again, it'll still be too soon. No thankee. I can stay fit and get a tan from just walking around.
  • A worthwhile pastime, walking is.
  • Damn thing won't let me watch the whole video, bah! I could kick myself for turning the channel the other night when this was on. Zed is great. But then, alot of Canadian television is great. I really like Fifth Estate. Anyway, how did it end?
  • Turns out Zen was a gay adopted immigrant from Portugal, and coincidentally the exact genetic clone of the son.