June 13, 2006

  • That was fun. I had the urge to put my laptop flat on the ground and dance around it with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and a fifth of whiskey at the ready. Need a bigger monitor...
  • Wow. I can't even fake talent in a Jackson Pollock contest. Neeto find, Argh!
  • I felt like my name was only a front and I had been alive for thousands of years, even posing once as Leonardo Da Vinci. Cool post Argh.
  • I'd like to see Jakob Nielsen's face when he encounters that site. His head might actually explode.
  • there's always hope.
  • According to boingboing, that's stolen directly from here.
  • Nein! I invented it and it ees mine! *plorp*
  • *plorp* sounds like a chubby guy doing a belly-flop in the shallow end of the pool in front of a sexy woman. Yep.