June 11, 2006

The Roxy Theatre in Forsyth, Montana. It's old. But some of it is new. And it's got a bitchin' crew.
  • It reminds me of the theater in my home town, except... 1) The crew in my hometown tends to feature more washed up lifers. 2) They made it into a two-screener two years ago.
  • Now, this is what I want to see.
  • Woah.. I hadn't seen the Calendar section yet.. old movie b&w ads.. just like reading the local paper when I was a kid.
  • Oh, wow! It's lovely to see a local movie palace well maintained and supported by the town's citizens. The Roxy's got to remind everyone of "a certain age" of theaters in their neighborhoods.
  • Very nice to see.
  • There's an elderly theatre in the downtown of the nearest college town, and it does steady business; shows things a lot of the megaplexic theatres don't or won't.