February 28, 2004

Launch a Warthog. This is a little Halo game where you have grenades and launch a Warthog with them to smash floating purple alien things. Rather amusing for a Saturday afternoon.

I haven't been able to get past level 32.

  • This is good. 32 is hard - its the first one I've got stuck on.
  • 32? I gave up on 16. I feel so inadequate.
  • This was on metafilter a couple days ago. If you scroll down there is a solution for level 32. I have been stuck on level 37 for some time.
  • 37 (I think -- or was it 38) got me too, for a long time (longer than I am willing to publically admit to having spent on a flash game). I had been stuck on 32 (the square) forever but finally got through that one. 37 (38?) killed me though -- I would always have just one left, just below or above the range of my warthog. What sucks about flash games is there is no way to jump back to where you were, so once I had given up and closed my browser, I can't pick up where I left off again.