June 07, 2006

ascii pr0n, still almost sorta exciting after all these years. NSFW, if your boss squints a lot. (Note -- site includes obligatory ascii anime pr0n.)
  • roryk? Is that you?
  • yikes! er, ahem, maybe. which picture are you looking at?
  • Oh yeah, baby, spin around and show me that ; . Jiggle that @ for me.
  • Deep. Smooth. Then deep then smooth. Then deep then smooth again. And again. Slick. Good. Great. Wet. Fast. Thick. Driving. Hard. Wide. Driving. Close. Almost. There. Almost. There. Slop. Hot. Fill. And there. Soak. Slop. Full. The End Telegram pr0n?
  • Pr0n?
  • Only if you have a Captain Kirk fetish, es el Queso that IS Shatner, isn't it?
  • Rhymes with K H A A A A A A A N !
  • That depends. Where are his tribbles?
  • Who nibbles and dribbles on his tribbles? Not like I would know anything about that.