June 07, 2006

Mad Jack Churchill Eccentric, but efficient, Fighting Jack Churchill brought his own special touch to everything.
  • Couldn;t get to the first link, but the second one makes me want to go back in time fifty years, paint seams up the backs of my legs, and bat my eyelashes! Sounds like they broke the mold on this feller.
  • Makes me think of Mad Carew!
  • Cheers, bees. The first link should be this, I believe.
  • Watta guy!
  • Fun reading! Inspired me to fire up the bagpipes in the wee hours. Alas, the neighbors these days are a soft breed indeed.
  • Well, if you are gonna go fight in a war, best to do it bloody properly.
  • Thanks, Plegmund! Thought Mad Jack suited him better than Fighting Jack, since he evidently continued his eccentricities into civilian life. And not every Sassenach is mad enough to take up the pipes, more's the pity.
  • I heard Mad Jack once crushed a Sherman tank with his mind. Then he drank forty-seven beers and pissed out a fire at a nearby hospital, saving every baby there.
  • Aye, without doubt, the man was an earlier incarnation o' The Werzog, mct.
  • I wonder if Mad Jack and Der Werzog ever met in battle? That's be a real Patton/Rommel moment.
  • Made me think of this classic Blackadder scene: Edmund: Who shall be our seventh? Wilfred? Wilfred Death: Why, need I say more? Jack [[FX Deathly chord] The other five look worried] Guy de Glastonbury: Not mad bully-boy Jack, the grave robbing assassin of Aldwich? Wilfred Death: No. Three-Fingered Pete: Then crazed animal Jack, the cattle rustling cannibal from Sutton Colefield? Wilfred Death: Ha ha... no. Sean, the Irish Bastard: Then your mans sane Jack O'Hooligan the man-hating goat-murderer of Dingle Bay. Wilfred Death: No. Friar Bellows: Surely not Canon Jack Smollett, senior arch-deacon of the Diocese of St Bothar, the entrail-eating heretic of Bath and Wells? Wilfred Death: No. I'm talking of unspeakably violent Jack, the bull-buggering beast-killer of no-fixed-abode. [[An even deadlier chord] All look even more worried] Edmund: Are you sure he's the sort of chap we're looking for?
  • Did he ever tear out the heart of his foe and eat it? Because if he didn't, he was just posin'.
  • Mad Jack Churchill - The Movie Directed by Werner Herzog Starring???
  • Starring Tom Waits. He once saved a baby from drownding...